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Vago: ‘Our Capability to Adapt Is Unmatched’

Pierfrancesco Vago

Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman, Cruise Division of MSC Group, highlighted the strengths of MSC Cruises during a speech in New York at the MSC Seascape’s christening on Wednesday.

“Our industry was put in the spotlight from the start just like New York was, but like you in the face of adversity, we came together and steered ourselves on the right course,” Vago said.

He said that  cruise lines had developed stringent health protocols that set the standard and while other sectors remained closed, MSC quickly resumed operations, becoming one of the first major cruise lines to sail again when it resumed operations in summer 20220.

“Just like New York we are back stronger than ever. Today, as macroeconomic conditions change, there are valuable lessons to draw from this experience. High inflation, speculation and economic uncertainty are on the rise, but consumers won’t compromise on their right to have a break,” Vago continued.

“Our capability to adapt is unmatched. We offer the best value for money. Despite the uncertainty, we continue growing.”

Despite the growth in new ships, Vago said the industry needs to remind the world that cruising is essential due the economic impact it delivers.

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