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The World Voyager Saves Four Shipwrecked People

Sailboat in distress

Nicko Cruises’ expedition ship, the World Voyager, provided help for a sailing boat in distress on its way to Barbados, evacuating four people and providing medical treatment aboard the ship.

On the morning of December 13, the World Voyager received an emergency call from a sailing yacht that was in distress about 100 nautical miles to the north. 

The captain of the World Voyager, Vincent van Zijderveld, decided without hesitation to set a course north and provide assistance.

The ship arrived at the site at about 3:30 p.m. and immediately began evacuating the four people who were on board. They were brought aboard the World Voyager in a Zzodiac and received medical treatment in the onboard hospital right away.

Following the rescue operation, the World Voyager set course again for Barbados, where the four rescued people would disembark in Bridgetown and be handed over to the authorities for further medical care.

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