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Swan Hellenic and SETI Institute Announce Partnership

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Swan Hellenic announced that it is partnering with SETI Institute, a non-profit research organization, to explore space at sea.

Swan Hellenic CEO Andrea Zito said: “We are immensely proud of this new partnership. The presence of the SETI Institute’s eminent scientists onboard our cultural expedition cruises, imparting their expert knowledge of astrobiology, geology, physics, chemistry and astronomy, completes another facet of the quest to take our guests to see what others don’t”.

The purpose of the partnership is to provide the guests with expert insights into the history and latest discoveries in astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology and planetary science, as well as to find other forms of life within and beyond our solar system, according to a company statement.

“The SETI Institute’s work brings humanity’s relationship with our planet, our solar system and the Universe beyond into focus,” said Bill Diamond, the President and CEO of the SETI Institute.

“Over 100 Institute scientists strive to understand humankind’s place in the cosmos. Outreach and public engagement are also central to our mission, and we are delighted with the opportunity to have our scientists and thought leaders interact with the curious-minded adventurers who explore with Swan Hellenic.”

SETI Institute researchers will visit the most remote and inhospitable parts of the planet to explore life including Antarctica, where the Swan Hellenic fleet is present every year.

With SETI Institute equipment, including an advanced telescope, installed onboard, travelers aboard the Swan Hellenic ships will have the opportunity to enjoy presentations on explorations around Earth and beyond.

Experts scheduled for Swan Hellenic’s 2023 cultural expedition cruises include Dr. Simon Steel, a Ph.D. Astronomer and Astrophysicist who specializes in studying galaxies.


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