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Scenic Eclipse Brings Cruise Back to West Coast of Central and South America

The Scenic Eclipse became the first cruise ship to return to the West Coast of Central and South America on its way to Antarctica for the 2022-2023 expedition season, according to a press release.

Following more than two years of inactivity in the region, officials, residents, and port authorities offered warm receptions to the ship and its guests, according to Scenic.

Among the highlights of the season was the performance of local dance troupes in Manta, Ecuador, while in Callao, Peru, the local minister of tourism, along with numerous other local officials, met with Captain Rado and his team and toured the yacht.

In the city of Acajultla in El Salvador, the minister of tourism, the head of ports, and a local tour operator joined captain Erwan and his crew, while national and local media conducted interviews with guests. When high waves prevented yachts from docking at Playa Muerto, a small Embera village in Panama’s Darien Gap, 40 local villagers took to the water to greet the Scenic Eclipse.

Before embarking on a tour of the waters surrounding the Ballestra Islands, guests were greeted by a local band and dance performances at the port in Paracas, Peru, while in Arica, Chile, a local live band welcomed the Scenic Eclipse guests.

The Scenic Eclipse II, which is scheduled to launch in April 2023, will visit similar regions and ports in October and November 2023 before joining Scenic Eclipse for the 2023-2024 Antarctica season.

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