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Carnival CEO: ‘High Expectations’ for All 9 Brands

“I have high expectations for all of our brands to make significant improvements on the revenue side,” said Josh Weinstein, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation, speaking on the company’s third quarter earnings call.

“And some of it’s blocking and tackling. Some of it is really pushing the envelope in certain areas. And I actually feel pretty confident so far,” he said, also noting that the company would continue to evaluate opportunities to further optimize its brand portfolio over time. 

So far, Weinstein said he had spent time with three key Carnival Corporation brands to evaluate opportunities. 

“It’s been Costa, Holland America and Princess. And the activities that are underway are significant … we are tracking hundreds of things, some big, some small, that are going to ultimately lead to significant improvement,” he said. 

Weinstein noted a focus to improve revenue management execution as as the company continues to adapt to an evolving booking environment and using data, guests, and target audience insights and cross-brand learnings to aid in all of the above.

“The engagement and transparency that characterize these brand sessions has been fantastic, and the sense of urgency these leaders have to drive their brands forward is real.”

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