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FarSounder Announces European Patent

FarSounder has announced the issue of its first European Patent.

The company said that this is a welcome addition to its patent portfolio. It is their first in Europe and second internationally. As a global company, FarSounder believes in the importance of securing its IP globally.

“FarSounder has been developing a reliable navigation tool for more than 20 years. This patented technology assures our IP as we expand our product applications and reach to a variety of regions in the global marketplace.” said Matthew Zimmerman, CEO of FarSounder and one of the company’s inventors.

The patent is for their integrated sonar devices and methods. This invention relates to sonar devices that integrate forward-looking sensors with down-looking echosounders. It includes a forward-looking sonar device that operates in an integrated fashion with one or more sonar devices.

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