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Lindblad Cruise Bookings Surge Ahead, Up 51%

Bookings are good at Lindblad Expeditions, according to CFO Craig Felenstein, speaking on the company’s third quarter earnings call.

“Bookings overall, for 2022, are currently 51 percent ahead of where we were for 2021 at the same time a year ago and 27 percent ahead of 2020 at the same point two years ago,” said Felenstein.

“The strong year-on-year trends include guests on canceled voyages that have opted to reschedule, but they only make up about 21 percent of our bookings for 2022,” he continued.

“We are also seeing strong demand already for 2023, with bookings way ahead of where we were at the same time two years ago for 2021. There is no question that there is significant pent-up demand to get out and explore the world’s amazing geographies and we are trying to take further advantage of this trend.”

CEO Dolf Berle, noted adjustments to the booking window as well.

“We typically have a eight to 10-month lead time when people are booking that was more compressed obviously this last summer because of the return after the pandemic,” he said. “But what you’re seeing now is people getting organized around not only the latter part of the Antarctic season, which is a more compressed cycle but also out into next year and even next fall and winter.”


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