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7 Cruise Ships That Have Spawned New Lives

As the pandemic continues to exert its influence on the cruise industry, the world’s cruise fleet continues to change at an accelerated pace.  

Here’s a selection of ships that changed statuses recently: 

Pacific Adventure (ex-Golden Princess)
Capacity: 2,600
Tonnage: 103,000
Year built: 2001
Cruise Line: P&O Australia
Update: Transformed into a P&O ship, with new livery and revamped public areas

Formerly the Golden Princess, the Pacific Adventure has emerged from a drydock in Italy with a new identity and refurbished public areas.

The 2,600-vessel is the latest addition to P&O Cruises Australia fleet and now boasts the company’s Southern Cross bow livery. It also has many new features onboard, including dining experiences developed with Australian chefs Luke Mangan and Johnny Di Francesco.

Carnival Radiance (ex-Carnival Victory)
Capacity: 2,984
Tonnage: 101,509
Year built: 2000
Cruise Line: Carnival Cruise Line
Update: $200-million conversion project resumed in Cádiz, Spain

After nearly a year on hold, the Carnival Victory conversion has recently restarted in a Spanish shipyard.

The Carnival Cruise Line vessel was undergoing a $200-million project in Cádiz and was set to emerge as the Carnival Radiance when the pandemic started in 2020. With work resumed, the vessel is scheduled to reenter service in December, sporting additional cabins and rebuilt public areas.

Elysium (ex-Celebrity Xperience)
Capacity: 48
Tonnage: 1,610
Year built: 1982
Cruise Line: Elixir Cruises
Update: Emerged as Elixir Cruises’ first ship after drydock in Greece

A new entrant to the industry, Elixir Cruises, recently completed the conversion of its first vessel, the Elysium.

The former Galapagos-based Celebrity Xperience, which can carry 48 guests, was bought by the new cruise operator in November 2020. Elixir plans to launch destination-intensive boutique cruises to Greek Islands.

P Prince (ex- Pacific Princess)
Capacity: 680
Tonnage: 30,200
Year built: 1999
Cruise Line: Azamara
Update: Renamed and moved to Northern Europe  

The former Pacific Princess – which was sold to Azamara earlier this year – has a new name. The vessel was renamed as P Prince for the time being. It is set to enter service for the new owners in 2022.

The 1999-built vessel was repositioned in August and is soon to become Azamara Onward. After several months laid up in Italy, it sailed to Northern Europe, arriving in Amsterdam.

Century Harmony (ex-Carnival Fascination)
Capacity: 2,040
Tonnage: 70,367
Year built: 1994
Cruise Line: Century Cruises
Update: New operator revealed; drydock completed in China 

The former Carnival Fascination is set to operate domestic cruises in China under the Century Cruises brand. Expanding its operations to the oceans, the China-based company currently owns a fleet of Yangtze River cruise vessels.

The 1994-built Century Harmony was bought by the new owners in October 2020 after it was moved to a “long-term lay-up status” by Carnival Cruise Line.

Astoria Grande (ex- AIDAcara)
Capacity: 1,186
Tonnage: 38,600
Year built: 1996
Cruise Line: Unknown
Update: Renamed and moved to Turkey   

The former AIDAcara was sold by AIDA Cruises to an undisclosed buyer in June. It is now registered in Panama and, since early September, carries the name Astoria Grande.

A few days later, the 1996-built ship also left Estonia, where it was spending the operational pause. After a 16-day voyage, it arrived in the Turkish port of Yalova on Sept. 16.

Capacity: 402
Tonnage: 9,845
Year built: 1961
Cruise Line: N/A
Update: Being converted into a hotel ship after auction

After six years laid-up in Portugal, the classic Funchal was auctioned off in January. Bought by U.S. based investors, the 402-guest vessel is currently being converted into a floating hotel.

In a drydock in Lisbon, the ship is undergoing a major overhaul, which includes updates to public areas, creation of new common areas and cabin conversion.

According to local sources, plans call for the 1961-built ship to be permanently docked in Lisbon, as the centerpiece of a new marina and entertainment area.

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