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Port of Gothenburg Set for Expansion

The Port of Gothenburg said that 2021 was set to be a good year for it with more than 70 calls scheduled.

“But due to the pandemic, the numbers have adjusted slightly. We expect around 20 cruise vessels to arrive in Gothenburg this year,” the port told Cruise Industry News.

“For the coming years the bookings are looking good and in line or just above the figure for the period before 2020, so we are optimistic about the future!” it added.

Gothenburg is in the process of undergoing several changes as a holiday destination. The America Cruise terminal building has been restored with its Maritime Museum and Aquarium due to reopen in 2022. The amusement park Liseberg has started an expansion project in 2019 involving new attractions and a new waterpark. 

The Port of Gothenburg has also teamed up with local sightseeing boat companies to offer boat shuttle from Arendal Cruise Terminal into the city center. The same sightseeing boat companies can also offer tours to the archipelago with small fishing villages surrounding Gothenburg, according to the port.

The Port of Gothenburg said that during spring 2021 it had conducted a pre-project with identifying a new cruise berth for vessels that are longer than 300 meters.

“This pre-project has just entered the end phase and will during the summer be presented to the management. We hope to soon reveal more information about this project to the industry,” the port wrote.

In fall 2021, the Port of Gothenburg will conduct a pre-study onshore power at America Cruise Terminal and “hopefully find a suitable solution to start building a shore power plant for cruise vessels.”

“The port has already several shore power connections at the Roro and ferry berth and the plan is to expand the connection points in the port at more berths,” it said.

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