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Havila Newbuild Projects Move Ahead on Tight Timeline

The clock is ticking toward late 2020 as Havila Kystruten has officially selected two shipyards to build four ships for Norwegian coastal service.

The ships will need to be in operation by the first quarter of 2021.

Turkey’s Tersan and Spain’s Barreras will build Havila Kystruten’s four vessels, as previously reported by Cruise Industry News, while Havyard Design & Solutions will deliver the ship design and an extensive equipment package for all the vessels.

At Tersan, the two ships will be built at facilities in Yalova and are scheduled to be delivered by end of 2020, according to the shipyard. 

“I am delighted to announce that the last obstacles to the building contracts have now been removed, thereby securing delivery in the third and fourth quarter 2020,” said CEO of Havila Kystruten Arild Myrvoll.

“This is a record contract for Havyard Design & Solutions that will help to consolidate our position as a world-class maritime technology group with broad expertise in many segments,” noted CEO Geir Johan Bakke of Havyard Group.

Havyard Design & Solutions announced it had been working on the design for “some time,” and the steel class drawings have already been completed. Steel cutting is expected before the end of the year. 

The ships were previously announced as being able to run on LNG and battery powered, but no further details have been announced. 

Havila was awarded part of the government contract to operate coastal service in Norway starting in 2021, splitting the deal with Hurtigruten.

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