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HullWiper On Trial Program in Southampton

Trials are underway in Southampton as part of a pilot scheme to launch the eco-friendly HullWiper hull cleaning technology at the port, according to a press release. 

HullWiper is working to test the system on a range of vessels including cruise lines, Ro-Ro ships, container ships and general cargo carriers at the south coast port.

Managing Director Simon Doran said that the trials are to demonstrate the efficiency of the diver-and brush-free remotely operated vehicle to the harbor authority, Associated British Ports (ABP) in Southampton.

“HullWiper provides an affordable, safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional hull cleaning methods. Its addition to the portfolio of services available at the port will add further economical, practical and environmental advantages to Southampton,” said Doran.

HullWiper uses adjustable seawater jets under variable pressure as the cleaning medium, instead of brushes or abrasives, to minimize the risk of damage to expensive anti-fouling coatings.

By using the remotely operated vehicle to remove fouling from their vessels’ hulls, ship owners benefit from optimal performance and energy efficiency savings, while avoiding the expense of recoating in case of damage. As no divers are used, there is no risk to human life.

Launched in Dubai in December 2013, HullWiper now operates in ports in Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and – on an ad hoc basis – at key locations in the Middle East.

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