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MSC Announces Fleet-Wide Digital Innovation Strategy

MSC FeaturesMSC Cruises has rolled out a new fleet-wide digital innovation program, MSC for Me.


MSC said the development was based on three years of research with over 11 leading tech companies including Deloitte Digital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Samsung. The new program will be on MSC’s new ships and be rolled back to the existing fleet over time.

“MSC for Me will bring to the sea some of the very latest advances in customer-centric technology, in a program designed to meet the needs of guests for years to come. It will debut on MSC Meraviglia, the company’s first next-generation new mega-ship coming into service this June, which will be fitted with 16,000 points of connectivity, 700 digital access points, 358 informative and interactive screens, and 2,244 cabins with RFID/NFC access technology. The program will next be rolled out on MSC Seaside in November,” said the company in a statement.

MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago commented: “From day one, innovation has been at the very core of what MSC Cruises stands for. Each time we bring to the market a new class of ship we develop a brand new prototype, so that we can best address the evolving needs of guests. This distinct approach has led to over 800% growth over the first ten years since we entered the cruising business.”

Vago added: “The length and scale of our investment plan is unprecedented in the industry and it means that we aren’t just planning ships and experiences relevant to our cruise guests in the next few years, but to those we will welcome on board as far out as 2030 and beyond. Technology at the service of the guest experience is advancing at a rapid pace and that is why we’ve already invested €20 million in the first two ships alone, to develop technology and infrastructure that is capable of meeting the needs of guests for years to come.

Luca Pronzati, MSC Cruises’ Chief Innovation Officer, added: “This journey started three years ago and today guests are less than 90 days away to experience a whole new cruise experience. Together with over eleven of the world’s leading digital, tech and behavioral science experts, among which Deloitte Digital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Samsung, we are bringing some of their latest and most-advanced solutions and technology on board our ships – in fact, this is where most of these will be available for the first time ever on a cruise ship. Like smart, connected cities, but with the added complexity of being at sea, our fleet will demonstrate MSC Cruises’ commitment to true innovation today and for years to come, making our ships a holiday destination in their own right.”

Features include, according to MSC:

+ Navigation: this digital way finder will provide guests onboard with advice, guidance and information on what’s on. The technology is similar to smart maps and helps them find their way on the 300+ meter long ships with a 5 meter precision. It also allows guests to locate their children, as needed.

+ Concierge: allows guests to easily book services, restaurants, excursions and more in real time, 24/7.

+ Capture: digital immersive discovery through virtual reality to preview excursions and a gallery with interactive screens showing the unique story of a guest’s trip, which they can share in real time.

+ Organizer: a planning tool for guests to check in with their mobile device, book trips, seats for shows, or the best dinner table, before embarking or when on board.

+ TailorMade: this digital, personal adviser will provide tailored recommendations, based on preferences. Intelligent face recognition will help staff take care of guests in a highly personalized way. Interactive bracelets will connect guests’ to the ship’s services and will activate geo-located suggestions through 3,050 Bluetooth beacons.

MSC for Me will provide guests with over 130 smart features geared toward a fully optimized holiday experience, according to MSC.

These include a dedicated app to help guests tailor their holidays at any point on their journey, whether they are booking their excursions prior to embarkation or a specialty restaurant while aboard.

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