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China-Based Cruise Ships Remain Out of Service

With the industry returning to pre-pandemic levels around the world, China remains the only major cruise market where vessels remain out of service.

Cruise Industry News looks into the ships that are still waiting to resume revenue operations in the region.

 Costa Atlantica
Company: Carnival China (CSSC)
Built: 2000
Capacity: 2,100 guests
Tonnage: 86,000

After being handed over to Carnival China (CSSC) in 2020, the Costa Atlantica remains out of service in the Mediterranean.

Formerly operated by Costa Cruises, the 2000-built vessel was sold to Carnival Corporation’s joint venture with China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) in 2018.

Costa Mediterranea
Company: Carnival China (CSSC)
Built: 2003
Capacity: 2,100 guests
Tonnage: 86,000

Also out of service in the Mediterranean, the Costa Mediterranea was sold to Carnival China (CSSC) along with its sister ship Costa Atlantica and is facing a similar situation.

Handed over to its new owners in 2021, the 2,100-guest sailed for Costa Cruises through the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Costa Serena
Company: Costa Cruises
Built: 2007
Capacity: 3,000 guests
Tonnage: 112,000

Previously operated by Costa Asia, the Costa Serena is waiting for a decision regarding its future while laid up in the Middle East.

With plans for a 2022 service resumption in Asia now cancelled, the vessel may soon return to the Western Hemisphere for cruises in other parts of the world.

Company: Foresee Cruises
Built: 1998
Capacity: 1,950 guests
Tonnage: 77,000

Sold by Princess Cruises in 2020, the former Sea Princess remains out of service after being acquired by Foresee Cruises.

The Chinese startup cruise operator sent the 1998-built vessel to a drydock where it received a new livery and was officially renamed Charming. Plans for a May 2021 service launch, however, never materialized.

Piano Land
Company: Astro Ocean Cruises
Built: 1995
Capacity: 1,806 guests
Tonnage: 69,000

After debuting in Asia in 2019, the Piano Land is yet another cruise ship that remains out of service in China.

Operated by Astro Ocean Cruises, the former Oriana underwent a major drydock in May 2022 but continued laid-up in Xiamen.

Chinese Taishan
Company: Bohai Ferry
Built: 2000
Capacity: 832 guests
Tonnage: 24,427

Built for Royal Olympic Cruises in the early 2000s, the Chinese Taishan has been sailing in China for Bohai Ferry since 2014.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the former Olympic Voyager remains out of service since the biggening of 2020.

Blue Dream Star
Company: Blue Dream Star Cruise Line
Built: 2001
Capacity: 836 guests
Tonnage: 24,310

Operated by Diamond Cruises through 2019, the Blue Dream Star was sold to a new operator after being arrested in China.

Named Blue Dream Star Cruise Line, the operator intended to launch service in October 2020, but plans haven’t materialized.

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