101 Luxury Suites On Sale on New Residential Ship by Clydebuilt

The 101 suites onboard the new residential ship the Dark Island are now on sale, announced Tommy McGinn, the Managing Director of Clydebuilt.

Clydebuilt – the company that is building the Dark Island – was born out of the desire to restore the reputation of River Clyde in Scotland as a shipbuilding center.

“I am trying to reverse the direction of opportunity that had happened on the Clyde over the past 30-35 years. There used to be a lot of liners and big ships built on the River Clyde, and it’s plummeted to just ferries,” McGinn told Cruise Industry News.

The Dark Island’s 101 suites sell from 8 million to 110 million British pounds. The suites span over eight decks, where the four most expensive ones are located on the top deck.

Dark20Island20Suite copy

“It’s completely enclosed, self-contained – an ideal place for a big family that wants to be exclusive,” McGinn explained the top deck.

Each suite has cooking facilities, but the ship also boasts three restaurants with chefs drawing inspiration from Scottish classic dishes and regions that will be traveled through. Products will be locally sourced and freshly prepared in the ship’s kitchen.

The Dark Island also has a spa, a salon where manicures and pedicures can be done, a hydrotherapy pool, a fitness and wellbeing center with exercise, training courses, treadmills and weights, and an outdoor jogging track. For residents who want to take their training a step further, personal trainers are available.

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The Dark Island also features multifunctional areas for banquets and balls to host visiting dignitaries.

Clydebuilt is family-owned and was founded by executives with experience in worldwide shipyards, offshore projects, design engineering and product development.

The Dark Island is designed and will be built to last at least 50 years, with the latest air-handling filtration systems and environmental safety measure protocols in place. Clydebuilt claims that the ship will be “one of the safest places on earth to live.”

At press time, the ship is ready for production and the suites are available to purchase. It is scheduled to set sail in late 2025.

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The suites are targeted at the North American and Asian markets. The itineraries will be determined based on residents’ wishes.

“We’ve got ex-travel agents working on the routes now. But the itinerary won’t be made two years from now. It will be decided by the people who purchased the suites. As a community, as the suite owners, they will have a say in what destinations they want,” McGinn said.

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