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Silversea Launches Its First International TV Commercial

Silversea Cruises has launched its first international television commercial. According to a press release, the 30-second television spot will appear on major national television networks and streaming platforms in the U.S. and the UK from Sept. 27, 2021, before rolling out in markets around the world.

The commercial is part of an integrated, multi-channel advertising campaign that includes print, digital, and social media, Silversea said. Its goal is “inspiring curious travelers to rediscover the world with a new passion.”

“Silversea is facing its greatest expansion ever,” said the cruise line’s Chief Commercial Officer, Barbara Muckermann. “But this growth coincides with a very peculiar moment in the history of travel. The doors of the world were shut on us; now they’re reopening and it’s our responsibility as the leading ultra-luxury cruise line to reignite our guests’ passion for discovery and let them know it’s time to start exploring again safely, which is perhaps the greatest luxury of all right now.”

According to the press release, the commercial was conceived by Silversea’s Global Creative Director José M. Vuolo. Photographer and Silversea collaborator Steve McCurry features as the commercial’s protagonist, “appealing to viewers to embrace their desire to reconnect with the world’s authentic beauty.”

From his suite aboard the Silver Spirit, McCurry pens an open invitation, addressed “To the Curious,” in which he writes: “To all of you who have been yearning to travel: It’s time. The world is reopening. Open up to the world.”

The television commercial focuses on journeys to discover the Earth’s “most precious things,” which “aren’t things at all,” Silversea said.

“Our new ‘To the Curious’ campaign was designed to empower travelers to indulge their passion for travel with new eyes. A born storyteller with the soul of an explorer, Steve McCurry was the perfect subject for the commercial: Steve is a passionate traveler who is encouraged to seek out the world’s most enriching moments – much the same as our guests. Steve’s unique take on the world builds feelings of excitement and hope, marking a new beginning in travel. Steve’s images are honest, captivating, and inspiring, but most importantly they convey the world in its most authentic form. In the same spirit, our new television commercial showcases the near-endless range of enriching experiences that our voyages unlock. With the reopening of the world, our guests have a renewed hunger to travel to new places, immerse themselves into new cultures, and experience new things,” Silversea’s Creative Director, José M. Vuolo, said.

Muckermann added that “To the curious” was Silversea’s mantra.

“(O)ur first international television campaign will appeal to curious travelers around the world. After all, our guests are travelers, not tourists; they collect interactions with people and experiences, not monuments. Curiosity is their common denominator, their driving force. Our television commercial enforces this concept with beautiful insights into the most remarkable destinations around the world. This is complemented by our print campaign, which showcases an especially breathtaking selection of images shot by Steve while he was traveling with us. These images are an invitation, almost, though there is hardly a need for one. People are ready to go,” she said.

Steve McCurry is a long-term ambassador of Silversea Cruises. Since the launch of his creative collaboration with the cruise line in 2017, the award-winning photographer has undertaken more than 25 immersive journeys with Silversea, capturing more than 500 images of cultures, landscapes and moments around the globe.

“It felt great to be back onboard a Silversea ship again, to film this commercial and to continue our close collaboration as the world reopens,” said Steve McCurry. “My curiosity as a traveler encourages me to journey on; my travels with Silversea offer the chance to dive deep into the world, into the heart of fascinating cultures, wild landscapes, and warm-hearted communities. Silversea’s television commercial will resonate with those who share my passion for discovery.”

Documentary maker Denis Delestrac directed and – in collaboration with ZETA SRL – co-produced Silversea’s television commercial. In 2001, after having worked as a writer and a photographer in France and the U.S., Delestrac switched his career to documentary filmmaking in India, where he first met Steve McCurry – with whom he made his first short documentary. Delestrac has previously worked with Silversea and Steve McCurry on a variety of projects. He is a winner of over 40 international awards, according to Silversea.

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