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Santorini or Sydney? Crew Reveal Favorite Cruise Ports

It’s been a while since crew members were allowed shore leave on any significant scale, but most will still reminisce about what it was like.

Cruise Industry News asked several crew members about their favorite ports and what made those visits special. They answered the questions on the grounds of anonymity.

“For crew, Cozumel is by far the best port. Juneau would be second,” said one crew member.

“Cozumel never gets boring. Crew members can do their monthly shopping at Mega or I95 stores; there are hundreds of restaurants of different cuisines. You can play tennis or volleyball at a local hotel. Golf is really cheap, including clubs and a cart. The best is No Name bar which is attended by all crew from all ships, and you always find friends you haven’t seen in years. Tattoos and daily activities are really cheap, so you always want to go out in Cozumel even if it’s just for an hour,” he added.

The crew member said that  Juneau is “amazing” for those who don’t mind the cold, and enjoy burgers, beer and fun indoors.

“The best part is that most times you leave late at night, so you get to experience a lot of Alaska,” he noted.

Another crew member Cruise Industry News spoke  doesn’t like the cold as despite visiting Alaska, his favorite port is elsewhere.

“In the last six years I visited so many places around the world, from Alaska to Japan … So far, my favorite port is Santorini in Greece,” he said.

“(T)his place is just spectacular and really worth a visit. Those houses and streets on a little volcanic island are just gorgeous. The view is mesmerizing. I’ve been there a couple of times for a dinner and had absolutely delicious food,” the crew member added, noting that he’s now planning a vacation in Santorini in the nearest future.

Another crew member is hoping to come back to his favorite port of Sydney, Australia.

“Since COVID started, I haven’t been there,” he said. “I hope to go there as a tourist.”

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