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Flåm Port Has New Infrastructure in Time for Cruise Resumption

Flåm in Norway will soon be a “cruise destination that is meeting (all) the requirements and expectations,” said Port of Flåm’s Manager Port Operations Jon Olav Stedje.

According to him, by focusing on collaboration, reducing the impact on the environment and creating more value locally, Flåm is aiming to be a “cruise port for the industry, the community and the future.”

“We do hope for a restart at the end of the summer season,” Olav Stedje said. “Hopefully, at the end of August, we will receive cruise guests at our port.”

“During the pandemic, we had a good dialogue with our stakeholders, local health authorities and the cruise lines. We are well prepared for a reopening at different scenarios,” he added.

The 2022 season looks promising for Flåm, according to Olav Stedje.

“We do expect fewer calls due to the implemented Tier II regulations. The new regulations set by the Norwegian Maritime Authority will have an impact on calls, but the industry is moving forward, and hopefully, this will not have a long-term effect,” he said.

The port used the pandemic-induced pause in operations to develop the infrastructure for its guests.

“We have had more diggers than visitors in Flåm…” Olav Stedje noted. “(We have a) brand new park next to the cruise pier, we have upgraded the key side around the town center to have more space available. The town center is developed, and our guests now have more opportunities when it comes to cafes, shopping and transportation and much more.”

“As a part of building shore power, we will also extend the pier with a minimum of 50 meters. Then we will also replace the mooring bollards, if necessary,” he added.

The Flåm Railway, the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjord with fully electric sightseeing vessels and the Flåm Zipline all make Flåm an attractive destination to include in a cruise itinerary, Olav Stedje said.

“This in combination with other fjord destination, and popular city destinations like Bergen, Stavanger and Ålesund,” he added.

According to Olav Stedje, Flåm is also a great destination in winter.

“All the attractions and possibilities are still there during the winter, but in a different coating. We are also working hard to deliver more winter-based excursions for cruise guests, including snowshoe hiking, skiing, dog sledding, sleigh ride and more,” he shared.

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