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Bodø Port Ready To Accept Cruise Ships

Pre-pandemic, Bodø Cruise Port had 44 cruise bookings for 2021, but none have called so far, the port’s executives said.

“The port and city are ready to welcome cruise ships if the national restrictions for cruise allow for it,” they noted.

“For 2022, there are 36 bookings with a capacity of 77 000 passengers. There are bookings in 11 of the year’s 12 months,” the executives added.

Bodø Cruise Port offers exciting and unique excursions and sights all year round, the port’s executives said. The city has three quays that can be used by cruise ships, all within walking distance from the city center.

According to the Port of Bodø, it has been registered as a “Green lighthouse” for years – a national environmental classification in Norway.

“This is clear proof that the port is serious about its environmental impact and related issues,” the executives said.

According to the port, in summer 2021, the national coastal administration will finish a large dredging project at the port of Bodø. Approximately 17 million euros has been spent on dredging and removing underwater reefs over the last years, making Bodø’s approach safer for larger ships.

“Bodø is perfect for small to medium-sized cruise ships, but can also accommodate ships up to 300 meters or more (depending on the draft). As a regional center in the north, with an international university and a relatively large number of buses, the city has good capacity when it comes to guides and transportation. As an arctic city, the destination can offer different experiences related to the natural phenomenon’s such as midnight sun in the summer and the northern lights in the wintertime,” the executives said.

According to the port, the fact that the city has 52 000 inhabitants and a large international airport very close to the city center makes it a good cruise destination.

“The geographical localization of the city makes it perfect as a homeport/turnaround port for arctic cruising where you easily can include popular destinations such as the Lofoten Island, Tromsø, Svalbard and North Cape,” the executives said.

Over the last years, Bodø has experienced a “rapid growth of interest as a destination,” the executives said. The city of Bodø was also elected as the European Capital of Culture 2024.

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