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Valenciaport Pioneering Walkable Solar Panels

Valenciaport has installed solar panels that can be walked or driven on. The panels are located on the north dock at the port and can be used both in pedestrian areas and in areas with light traffic. The installation is part of Valencia’s decarbonization and SmartPorts program.

This initiative opens the door to taking advantage of large, open port spaces to generate solar energy.

A total of 24 walkable solar tiles have been installed with an energy production equivalent to half the annual consumption of a three-person household, which will avoid emitting 5.7 tons of CO2 per year, the port said.

The pilot project also serves to test the production of electrical energy in open-air conditions, exposed to the effects of salinity and other atmospheric factors. “It is one more initiative that we are developing at Valenciaport in cutting-edge technology proposals that provide green and clean energy in our commitment to decarbonization,” explained Federico Torres, head of Ecological Transition at the Port Authority.

“This case helps us analyze the potential production capacity and the sites where such panels can be installed, such as the roadways to buildings or the new passenger terminal,” he added.

Other projects include H2PORTS, part of the Spanish Government’s Hydrogen Roadmap, which will make the Valencia the first port in Europe to use vehicles and port machinery powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Valenciaport is also making progress in the installation of solar panels on roofs, a wind power plant and electrification of its docks.

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