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New Crystal Endeavor Completes Sea Trials

Crystal Expedition Cruises today announced the successful completion of the second and final sea trial for its new luxury expedition yacht Crystal Endeavor.

Having been built at MV Werften, the Crystal Endeavor’s final sea trial began on Thursday, May 20 and returned to the shipyard the evening of May 23 where the final steps of the construction process will be completed.

The ship is scheduled for its technical delivery on May 27, 2021, according to a press release.

Crystal said that during sea trials, the Crystal Endeavor underwent rigorous performance and operational tests on the ship’s systems, machinery and engines, including safety, navigation and propulsion systems, and noise and vibration measurements.

Captain Thomas Larsen along with senior members of the Crystal Endeavor bridge and engineering teams participated in the sea trials in collaboration with the engineers, naval architects and builders from the shipyard team in Stralsund, part of a family of shipyards known for their passenger ship, icebreaker and private yacht building expertise.

Of note, the ship “crash-stopped” from full speed to zero within 660 meters (4 ship’s length) compared with 1,700 meters (10 ship’s length) requirement and ship maneuverability, such as turning circle test, which far exceeds standards. Noise measured at 10 percent lower than requirements with vibration measuring even lower at up to 80 percent lower than requirements.

Crystal Endeavor

“These sea trials mark another successful milestone in the highly anticipated debut of Crystal Endeavor, bringing the award-winning Crystal Experience to the most remote places on the planet,” said Jack Anderson, president of Crystal. “We applaud the MV Werften team for their partnership and professionalism in overcoming the many challenges of the past year and their engineering expertise and design excellence in working to create and deliver a new standard in luxury expedition cruising.”

According to Captain Thomas Larsen, who will helm the ship: “The design and building standard of Crystal Endeavor is outstanding. Contracted for max speed of 19 knots, she has delivered an actual max speed of nearly 20 knots during sea trials, exceeding all performance expectations and standards with little to no vibration even during ‘crash stop’ tests in the suites and public areas. This means a comfortable, enjoyable experience for guests even in unpredictable weather conditions. With her responsive, agile maneuverability, safety and technical capabilities, this vessel is akin to driving a finely tuned German-built elite sports car such as a Porsche and there is no better ship to be on than Crystal Endeavor in adverse weather in the Arctic and Antarctic. Combined with the programs and features that will bring the journeys to life, Crystal Endeavor represents the pinnacle of luxury expedition cruising and I look forward to exploring the world with her and our valued guests.”

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