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Elixir Cruises on a Mission To Show Guests Santorini Sunsets

Athens-based Elixir Cruises is a new entrant to the industry, having bought Celebrity Cruises’ small ship Xperience in November 2020 that had sailed year-round in the Galapagos.

Now renamed the Elysium, the 50-passenger ship will be sailing around the Greek Isles between June 26 and late October 2021. Deployment following October is on the planning board, with an announcement expected in June.

“The president and CEO Ioannis Termidos had the idea that there is a place in the small cruise world for something that’s completely different, something that does what it says on the tin,” explained Elixir’s Head of Commercial Ian Buckeridge.

Buckeridge said that Termidos was looking for “a ship of the right size.”

“And if it didn’t come along when it did come along, the operation might not have started for another year while the search for the right ship continued,” he said.

Elixir Cruises currently offers two eight-day cruises onboard its first ship: Ancient Paths and Divine Cyclades. The former explores Zakynthos, Ithaca, and the Corinth Canal. The latter visits 14 destinations, including Santorini and Mykonos.

One of the voyages’ selling points is the beauty of Santorini sunsets that the Divine Cyclades itinerary guests can witness.

“A Santorini sunrise first thing in the morning, perfect. We can then watch people (from bigger cruise ships) leaving and go and see the windmills as the sun starts to fade. And we’re going to be anchored right opposite the windmills, so you get that beautiful sunset. Guests can go ashore and explore the island and have dinner ashore and party. We’ll be tied up alongside so you can sort of stagger back if you like – whatever time of day or night,” Buckeridge said.

“We’re there to enjoy the sunset in one of the greatest places on the planet for seeing them,” he added.

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