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San Diego Holds Open Workshop on 50-Year Plan

The Port of San Diego is holding a workshop open to the public today on it’s 50-Year Integrated Planning Vision Process.

This is the latest in a series of public discussions about the future of the tidelands and is designed to give stakeholders an opportunity to publicly share their ideas on long-term and strategic land use planning ideas for the San Diego Bay.

The Board of Port Commissioners will not make any project-specific land-use decisions at the workshop.

The meeting follows a major milestone after the Board unanimously accepted the vision statement for the Port’s planning efforts in August. The vision statement will be used as a set of guiding principles that will be the basis for developing preliminary concepts in the next phase of integrated planning.

The all-day workshop allows the public to see and learn about some of the initial ideas from HKS Consultants, an urban design firm that is helping to shape the District’s planning vision.

Many of the ideas that will be presented at the workshop came from hundreds of comments from the Board and public collected at community workshops held between October 2013 and August 2014.

The workshop discussion will focus on public access on the water, streets, pathways, parks and open space. The public is encouraged to provide feedback on greater integration of regional mobility, parking and transportation connectivity with surrounding communities.



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