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Cahill: Carnival Fleet Review Following Triumph Fire

Speaking at Cruise Shipping Miami, Carnival Cruise Lines President and CEO Gerry Cahill talked about the recent fire aboard the Carnival Triumph.

Caused by a fuel-return line leak, Cahill said the fire did enough damage to knock out both engines, even though the ship had separate engine rooms.

Cahill said the highest priority was getting passengers and guests back safely, and now with the ship back in Alabama, Carnival has initiated a fleet review.

Cahill said Carnival is focused on things that can be learned from the incident, and what operational redundancies may be available.

“So, Carnival has gone out and started a review of its entire fleet,” explained Cahill. “Focusing on prevention, detection and suppression of fires, engine room redundancies, what additional hotel facilities can be provided off the emergency generator, and implementing the changes.”

Cahill went on to say the fire was much different than the Carnival Splendour fire that occurred when a diesel generator failed in 2010. Changes from that incident implemented across the fleet have been successful, Cahill added.

Carnival has numerous teams involved in the fleet review, and in additional, Carnival Corporation is executing a similar plan with their entire fleet.

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